New location in Giez


We are happy to announce that the 2017 edition will take place in the Château de Giez, a private castle near the town of Yverdon-les-Bains.

 Joining us on the faculty, we have Prof. Sergiu Schwartz as guest professor.

 15 – 19 September 2017

Looking forward to an extended weekend of individual and duo lessons, masterclasses, chamber music nights, student and faculty recitals and much more!

Yuuki and Silvia


Our intent is to provide a violin-piano duo course of the highest international level to inspire young conservatoire and university-level students to explore the fascinating aspects of duo chamber music in a detailed manner and supportive environment.  By first providing each participant with individual tuition followed by open masterclasses, each duo will receive both concentrated work on this essential repertoire as well as the irreplaceable benefits of performance.

 Can I Apply as an Individual?

Although the course is aimed at pre-formed duos, please still apply as either a pianist or violinist and we can most likely find a partner for you. Once all applications have been received, we can match duos based on level, experience and repertoire wishes.

Why a Duo Course?

Every aspect of professional life includes playing with others.  Many professors have commented on the relative inexperience that university-level violin students have in playing with piano – something which should in fact be a cornerstone of any training.

For the piano, the profession of accompanying has risen to one of being an active partner and musical collaborator, requiring a finer set of listening and technical skills from playing solo or even chamber music.   This is reflected in the rising number of courses being offered at Master’s levels as well as the rise of duo participation in chamber music competitions.

 Why us?

Having met in Pierre Amoyal’s class, we realized immediately that we each had training and professional experience on both continents: the USA (Eastman School of Music, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Ravinia and Music Academy of the West Festivals), the UK (Yehudi Menuhin School of Music, Chetham’s School of Music), as well as in Europe (close work with Pierre Amoyal, Boris Kuschnir and Renaud Capuçon).  Both having had a strong interest in teaching from the outset – Silvia received a Wingate Scholarship to start coaching duos at the Royal College of Music as a Junior Fellow and Yuuki was invited to teach at Verbier Festival Amateur Week – we both felt an immediate connection in terms of teaching styles and, most vitally, the concept of the duo as the very core of chamber music.

We would like to combine the more analytical approach of North American teaching – where every aspect of duo playing is broken down, defined and calibrated – with the style and panache of European performance.

Silvia had the great fortune to study accompanying with Dr. Jean Barr, the first person in the world to have ever established an accompanying degree  – who fought for the recognition of this art – and has a great wish to share this knowledge.

 Why Giez?

Entering Château de Giez is like stepping back in time, into another world. Understanding the context in which these duo works were written, largely for the aristocracy to be performed in residences, is to understand the genesis of this genre and how it developed over the course of music history.

How Long?

The course is from Friday, 15th September noon until Tuesday, 19th September (departure by noon).

 How Much?

Thank to the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to offer this course for 350 CHF per person, including all tuition, room and board.

 Anything Else?

Yes!  This is supposed to be fun!  Masterclasses are for everyone to learn and participate in, not to try to stay awake. We expect you to bring all your own knowledge, tips, stories, experiences and share them in preparation for your own entry into the professional world!